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Macro 7/19/2024

Ticking Timebomb? Trillions in 'Hidden' Dollar Debts Overseas

John Connally’s 1971 remark, “The dollar is our currency, but it’s your problem,” remains relevant as a rising dollar and Fed rate hikes cause glob... READ MORE

Retirement 7/16/2024

The Slinky Effect on Retirement - A Unique Approach to Help Tackle the Retirement Investment Paradox

Explore the Slinky Effect on Retirement and how to deal with the Retirement Investment Paradox. Learn how DunhamDC's innovative strategies can addr... READ MORE

Dunham Deep Dive 7/12/2024

The Dunham Deep Dive: Three Interesting Things I'm Looking At

Households in the bottom 80% have been saving at negative rates, spending more than they earn due to high inflation and weak wage growth. Mortgage ... READ MORE

Quarterly Snapshot 7/9/2024

Key Insights in Our Q2 2024 Quarterly Snapshot

Welcome to the Q2 2024 Dunham Quarterly Snapshot. Get quick insights into the rising equity markets, global growth slowdown, and bond market improv... READ MORE

Macro 7/5/2024

The Labor Market Is Looking Fragile – Here’s What The Mainstream Doesn’t Talk About

Despite strong labor market claims supporting a 'soft landing' thesis, indicators like the Kansas City Fed's LMCI and Sahm Rule show signs of weakn... READ MORE

Behind The Scenes 7/3/2024

Behind The Scenes Q3 2024 + Dunham CIO Back on Schwab Network

Join us as we show you through the thought process and in-depth analysis conducted by the Dunham Investment Committee. Discover the strategic adju... READ MORE

Macro 7/1/2024

The Dunham Deep Dive: Three Interesting Things I'm Looking At

China’s logistics parks face 20% vacancy as e-commerce slows. Investors see losses from overbuilt properties. U.S. new-home sales hit a low due to ... READ MORE

Knowledgeability 6/25/2024

Does Your Nonprofit Have “Zombie” Board Members?

Bryce Sanders is president of Perceptive Business Solutions Inc. He provides HNW client acquisition training for the financial services indu... READ MORE

Macro 6/24/2024

The Big Drought: A Global Dollar Shortage Is An Overhang On The Global Economy

Have you heard of a "dollar shortage"? It occurs when a country's USD outflows exceed its inflows, often due to higher import costs or internationa... READ MORE

Financial Advisor 6/18/2024

Top 8 Analogies Every Financial Advisor Can Use to Connect with Clients

Financial topics can be daunting for clients. Financial advisors should use analogies to make concepts clearer and more relatable. Analogies like f... READ MORE

Dunham Deep Dive 6/17/2024

The Dunham Deep Dive: Three Interesting Things I'm Looking At

US manufacturing investment cools, sign of slowdown? OPEC to pump more oil, prices may drop. Inflation eases, but is it a good thing, or underlying... READ MORE

Financial Advisor 6/11/2024

Elevate Your Practice: Outsourcing Essentials for Independent Financial Advisors

Running a financial advisory practice involves more than investment advice. Outsourcing tasks like tax planning and content marketing can boost eff... READ MORE

Macro 6/7/2024

Rising Number of FDIC Problem Banks Signals Serious Downside Risks Ahead

The US banking system is grappling with $517 billion in unrealized losses, credit card delinquencies, and commercial real estate defaults. With 63... READ MORE

Financial Advisor 6/4/2024

Lost in the Financial Frenzy? A Financial Advisor Can Help Cut Through the Noise

Financial advisors help bridge the gap between perception & reality. Confused clients with mismatched economic understanding & retirement goals nee... READ MORE

Dunham Deep Dive 6/3/2024

The Dunham Deep Dive: Three Interesting Things I'm Looking At

Credit card delinquencies hit a decade-high 8.9%, signaling consumer strain. The U.S. car market faces price wars due to overproduction and rising ... READ MORE

Financial Advisor 5/28/2024

Stressed About the Nest Egg? How Mental Health Can Derail Retirement Dreams

Recognizing the link between rising mental illness and poor financial outcomes is crucial. Financial stability supports mental well-being, but ment... READ MORE

Macro 5/24/2024

A Looming Wall Of Corporate Debt: The Threat of 'Fallen Angels'

There is a large amount of corporate debt, especially from BBB-rated companies, that is maturing in the next three years, posing a risk if downgrad... READ MORE

Financial Advisor 5/21/2024

The Feminization of Wealth and the Role of DunhamDC

Women are set to inherit $30 trillion of Baby Boomer wealth by the decade's end. This "Feminization of Wealth" signifies a major demographic shift.... READ MORE

Macro 5/17/2024

The Dunham Deep Dive: Three Interesting Things I'm Looking At

The Kansas City Fed LMCI shows a weakening U.S. labor market, signaling potential further softening. China's credit contraction pressures the gover... READ MORE

Financial Advisor 5/14/2024

Financial Planning In An Era Of Longer Lifespans: What You Need To Know

As life expectancies rise, retirement planning faces challenges. Longer lifespans mean longer retirements, necessitating adjustments in financial p... READ MORE