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Financial Advisors 10/21/2021

Combining Two Powerful Gifting Strategies: The Charitable Remainder Trust and the Dunham Donor-Advised Fund

Reaching philanthropic goals is different for every family and often is combined with specific financial goals they seek to achieve. Some focus on ... READ MORE

Trust 10/19/2021

Estate Planning Awareness Week: Don’t Let Your Clients Fall Victim to These Common Myths

This week is Estate Planning Awareness Week (October 18–24, 2021). This article is geared toward helping you gain understanding of the most common ... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 10/14/2021

The Power of Philanthropy for Families: Teaching Your Children and Grandchildren

Establishing a multigenerational giving plan effectively passes along shared beliefs and values to your family. This leaves a positive impact for y... READ MORE

Video 10/12/2021

Video: Dunham | Quarter in 2s

Every quarter we will give you our opinions on domestic markets, international markets, and the bond market, all in about 2 minutes. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 10/7/2021

Use "Super Bunching" When Converting to a Roth IRA

The idea of charitable bunching may allow you to increase your tax savings by contributing multiple years of charitable deduction in one year. READ MORE

Client Retention 10/5/2021

Five Ways to Network with Clients this Fall Season

Fall has arrived, but just because you are hard at work doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the season! READ MORE

Financial Advisors 9/30/2021

Bunching: A Smart Way to Maximize Your Family's Charitable Deductions

The concept of charitable bunching may allow you to increase your tax savings by contributing multiple years of charitable deductions in one year. READ MORE

Sales Development 9/28/2021

What is Upskilling and How can it be Used in Financial Services?

It is becoming more and more common for employers to implement strategies for enhancing the skills of their employees in order to keep up with chan... READ MORE

About Us 9/23/2021

Help Your Clients Leave a Positive Impact for Their Families to Follow with a Dunham Donor-Advised Fund

This fund provides your philanthropically-minded clients with a single platform to focus their charitable giving. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 9/21/2021

Why Estate Attorneys Will Not Call You Back When You Need Them The Most

If any version of the proposed estate tax changes becomes law, your wealthy clients will look to you for help. However, waiting too long will leave... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 9/14/2021

Financial Advice for Young Adults: Having the “Money Talk”

I read an article which found that 82% of parents feared talking about finances with their children. This is where a financial advisor comes in. READ MORE

Sales Development 9/7/2021

Simple Follow-Up Strategies for Converting Prospects into Clients

We’ll go over seven follow-up strategies for further engaging prospects and hopefully converting them into clients. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 9/2/2021

Locating Old Money Wealth: Identifying the Invisible Rich

Today we are looking at how to locate old money wealth – individuals who are typically known for their philanthropic activities. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 8/31/2021

How to Find Those Prospects That Don’t Want to be Found

Consider the “Invisible Rich.” They have money. They live near you, shopping in the same stores as you. You already know some rich people and man... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 8/26/2021

Identifying the Invisible Rich: Locating New Money Wealth

Today we are looking at how to locate new money wealth – individuals who make a high income but haven’t accumulated a large number of assets. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 8/24/2021

Avoiding Capital Gains Tax When Selling Highly Appreciated Stock

In 1997, the sitcom Seinfeld had one of the most innovative and funny episodes I have ever watched. The episode is called "The Betrayal," but it is... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 8/19/2021

Identifying the Invisible Rich: Finding Business Owners, Doctors, and Senior Officers

Each Thursday leading up to September 8, we are previewing a different type of Invisible Rich prospect that will be discussed during the webinar. READ MORE

Marketing 8/17/2021

Online Presentation Tools for Creating Polished Client Presentations

Utilizing online presentation tools can make your presentations understandable and entertaining, and set you apart from other financial advisors. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 8/10/2021

Retirement Income, Taxes, Heirs, and Social Responsibility

Around the world, the norm of most societies is taking care of their elders. We practice love, honor, gratitude, and respect for those who guided a... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 8/3/2021

Identifying the Invisible Rich

Reaching out to wealthy prospects may be an essential part of your practice, but defining who those individuals are and where to find them can be d... READ MORE