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Financial Advisors 2/9/2021

How Do I Respond to a Client's Questionable Investment Ideas?

If I had a dollar for every time a client approached me with a dubious investment pitch, it would cover a few coffee orders. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 2/1/2021

A Game Stopper in Less Than 180 Seconds

For the longest time I thought that GameStop was an intervention group for parents whose children obsessively play video games. Just Kidding! READ MORE

Financial Advisors 1/26/2021

10 Ways to Get Clients to Change Their Habits

Whether you're helping a client plan their financial future or file their taxes, bad habits can throw a monkey wrench into the process. Financial g... READ MORE

Trust 1/21/2021

Critical IRA News: It is Back, But Will It Still Be Missing?

In 2019 the U.S. Senate had the Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act 2019 (RESA) on the heels of the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement En... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 1/19/2021

16 Financial Planning Questions to Answer in 2021

Many clients don’t see the need for financial planning. They earn more than they spend. What could possibly go wrong? READ MORE

Video 1/12/2021

Video: Dunham | Quarter in 2s

Every quarter we will give you our opinions on domestic markets, international markets, and the bond market, all in about 2 minutes. READ MORE

Client Retention 1/5/2021

When Your Client Doesn’t Want to Be Your Client Any Longer

It happens. People give up. We’ve heard you shouldn’t change horses in midstream. The same goes for acting in haste. A client tells you they ar... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 12/31/2020

2020 Year in Review

Sal Capizzi identifies the critical element of 2020 for most of you and especially for your clients. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 12/24/2020

How the Virus Almost Stole Christmas (and the DOW Saved the Day!)

Every stock down in Dow ville, liked Christmas a lot; But the Covid virus, of Twenty Twenty did not. The virus hated the Dow, and all stocks toget... READ MORE

Client Acquisition 12/22/2020

How to Add Clients Immediately After the Holidays

We all want the same things. You want to add new clients, and you would like them to come to you. You have someone on your staff who understands te... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 12/15/2020

How Can Clients Reduce Expenses Post-Pandemic?

The new year is fast approaching, and during this one, the pandemic forced clients to pick up a number of new money-saving habits due to their chan... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 12/4/2020

CFP CE Credit with Financial Advisor IQ: Think Tank

With the coronavirus pandemic canceling most major gatherings for 2020, this likely hindered your ability to obtain CFP CE credit – credit you usua... READ MORE

Client Retention 12/1/2020

Stock Market Investing: Gearing Your Clients for Volatility

Stock market volatility can be scary. This means that our job – as investment advisors – is to talk our clients off the ledge, to hold their hands ... READ MORE

Trust 11/25/2020

Simplifying Nevada Trusts | Part 6: Benefits by Trust Type

In our final installment of the series, we will review the various trust types, discussing which trust is the best fit for achieving your client’s ... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 11/24/2020

Engaging in Wealth Transfer Planning with a Client

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a massive national deficit, and the federal government could try to rectify some of this by altering estate t... READ MORE

Trust 11/19/2020

Simplifying Nevada Trusts | Part 5: Funding Trusts with a Completed or Incomplete Gift

Your client can fund trusts with either completed or incomplete gifts. How a trust gets funded can impact both the client and their heirs' future t... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 11/17/2020

This Might Help You Understand Our Current Stock Market

Let’s assume for a moment I was able to time travel and you and I spoke on December 31, 2019 at 11:59 pm. READ MORE

Trust 11/12/2020

Simplifying Nevada Trusts | Part 4: Grantor vs. Non Grantor

In Part 4 of Simplifying Nevada Trusts, we break down some features and benefits – and give examples – of grantor and non-grantor trusts. READ MORE

Client Acquisition 11/9/2020

Simple Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Practice

This post was authored by Paul C. Ragone. Paul C. Ragone is a Investment Advisor Representative of, and Security and Investment Advisory Services ... READ MORE

Trust 11/5/2020

Simplifying Nevada Trusts | Part 3: Control vs. Beneficial Enjoyment

In part 3 of Dunham's Simplifying Nevada Trusts series, Jeffrey Dunham and Ann Rosevear pick apart these two concepts and describe in their own wor... READ MORE