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Soft Landing 10/3/2023

“Don't Be The Turkey”: Questioning The Soft-Landing Narrative

The U.S. economy's unexpected resilience raises concerns about complacency and "recency bias". As the media touts a 'soft landing,' history shows e... READ MORE

Inverse Yield Curve 9/26/2023

Navigating an Inverse Yield Environment: Financial Advisor Investment Strategies for Preserving Capital

When you invest in short-term debt instruments you receive a lower interest rate and when you invest in longer-term debt instruments with longer ma... READ MORE

dunham donor advised fund 9/19/2023

The Dunham Donor Advised Fund: A Strategic Approach to Addressing Client Taxes and Enhancing Client Relationships

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) have emerged as a powerful tool that financial advisors can utilize to effectively address client taxes, while also attr... READ MORE

Dunham Onboarding Experience 9/12/2023

The Dunham Onboarding Experience

As a financial advisor and entrepreneur, you understand that a smooth onboarding process is not just a checklist—it is an impactful experience. Tha... READ MORE

Roth Conversion 9/5/2023

That Magic Moment - Can a Roth Conversion be "tax-free"?

If you are considering a Roth IRA conversion for its many benefits, remember to set up a Donor-Advised Fund before the end of 2023. This will not o... READ MORE

digital marketing 8/29/2023

Leveraging Digital Marketing: A Game-Changer for Financial Advisors

In today's digital age, financial advisors have numerous opportunities to enhance their practice and attract their ideal clients through digital ma... READ MORE

Divorce 8/22/2023

Protecting Inheritance From a Child's Divorce: How Inheritance Trusts Can Provide Asset Protection in the Event of a Child's Divorce

Many financial advisors overlook or inadequately address protecting their client’s child’s inheritance from divorce. Inheritance Trusts should be a... READ MORE

FDIC Insurance 8/15/2023

Recent Heartland Tri-State Bank Failure and Moody's Downgrades 10 Banks - The Importance of $50 Million FDIC Insurance in Advisory Accounts

The financial services industry has seen many innovations, but few can revolutionize how financial advisors operate, secure client assets, and deli... READ MORE

Rodeo 8/8/2023

Funky Ways Financial Advisors Can Stay Fired Up!

Welcome to the Rodeo of the Financial Services Industry. The financial year's ticking clock can feel like an eight-second ride. Besides, advisors m... READ MORE

IDM V2 8/1/2023

Will This Be the Most Important Blog You Read This Week? Shifting Risk From Principal to Rate of Return

Dunham Insured Deposit Marketplace (IDM) is a dynamic cash sweep option in the Dunham advisory strategies that can help provide your client with a ... READ MORE

S&P 500 7/25/2023

Would You Expect These Results? The Surprising Performance of the S&P 500 Following the Federal Funds Rate's Peak

We wanted to explore the relationship between the performance of the S&P 500 index and the Federal Funds Rate by examining historical data over the... READ MORE

Notice 2023-54 7/18/2023

Tax Code Treasure Hunt: Notice 2023-54 Unmasks RMDs for IRA Owners and Beneficiaries

One of the notable aspects of IRS Notice 2023-54 is the extension of the return deadline for individuals who unnecessarily initiated RMDs this year... READ MORE


Dunham Quarter in 2 Q2 2023

This post was authored by the Dunham Marketing Team. If you have questions concerning today's topic, please call us at (858) 964 - 0500. Hold ... READ MORE

Retirement Accounts, Part 3 of 3 7/11/2023

Things to Know Before Retirement: Retirement Accounts

While Social Security provides a steady income stream during retirement, most of your financial independence lies within your retirement accounts. ... READ MORE

Harry Markowitz 7/6/2023

Remembering Harry Markowitz: The Gentle Genius of Finance

Harry Markowitz, a giant in the world of finance and a Nobel laureate, passed away on June 22, 2023, in San Diego. His contributions to financial t... READ MORE


Things to Know Before Retirement: Medicare

As part of the three-part series on preparing for retirement, this piece will dive into the details of Medicare and how it works. READ MORE


Things to Know Before Retirement: Social Security

Part One of a Three Part Series Part Two: Things to Know Before Retirement - Medicare Part Three: Things to Know Before Retirement - Retirement... READ MORE


Travel Tips for Your Next International Trip

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Should You Diversify Your Portfolio?

This post was authored by Lauren Akabori, Content Writer. If you have questions concerning today's topic, please call us at (858) 964 - 0500. H... READ MORE


Unlocking Peace Amid Grief: How Locating Essential Documents Now Eases the Burden of Your Parents' Passing in the Future

This post was authored by Salvatore M. Capizzi, Dunham's Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. If you have questions concerning today's topic, plea... READ MORE