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Would you believe me if I told you that back in 2009, as a junior in college, I had financial advisors in my branch office calling me asking for help? I became known in the UBS branch office as the expert when it came to recruiting interns. Having worked closely with my career service center at UC San Diego, I knew how to find people looking for work. Ultimately, I was able to pair each advisor in the office with their own intern from my college. It was a win-win situation. The student got great experience in their desired industry, the advisor got free labor, and although it wasn’t easy, I turned my status from sales assistant to a pseudo HR manager. I was worth every $9 an hour I got paid.

Today, it is infinitely easier to find that same talent. is the college-to-career network for more than 14 million college students and young alumni at 700 universities nationwide. Handshake connects these 14 million prospects to Fortune 500 companies, Dad and mom shops, and every employer in between through the students college career services website. Creating an account is easy, and painlessly quick.

After setting up your free handshake account as an employer, you can post your job listing at multiple colleges around your area with a few clicks of your computer mouse. Not too long ago, I helped a financial advisor post a listing for a junior advisor on Handshake, and within days, received resumes for dozens of qualified candidates.

Whatever industry you work in, imagine having your job listing viewed by the brightest young talent at the universities of your choosing.

Did I mention this service was free?