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Financial Advisors 8/3/2021

Identifying the Invisible Rich

Reaching out to wealthy prospects may be an essential part of your practice, but defining who those individuals are and where to find them can be d... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 7/27/2021

Will Inflation Take a Bite out of Your Retirement?

It is essential to put money aside for retirement – the earlier you start investing and growing your assets, many argue, the better. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 7/21/2021

Dunham Personal Investment Video Statements are Now Available!

As another benefit of the technology suite Dunham provides for you and your clients, the second quarter video statement is now available. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 7/20/2021

Strengthening Connections with Your Clients’ Children and Grandchildren

If you haven’t yet established yourself as a trusted resource for young investors, you could be missing an opportunity to work with a key demograph... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 7/13/2021

Discussing the 2021 Child Tax Credit with Your Clients

Beginning July 15, 2021, the IRS will begin distributing the 2021 Child Tax Credit payments. These advance payments occur as part of the $1.9 trill... READ MORE

Video 7/6/2021

Video: Dunham | Quarter in 2s

Dunham's opinions on domestic markets, international markets, and the bond market of Q2 2021. READ MORE

Financial Advisors 6/29/2021

Exploring Financial Advisor Designations in Specialized Fields

We’re exploring specialized financial advisor designations. For example, what does it mean to be a Certified Student Loan Professional, or a Charte... READ MORE

Client Acquisition 6/22/2021

Five (Not So Obvious) Reasons Prospects Should Choose You

You cultivate friends. You talk with prospects. Today they have more choices than ever. Why should they do business with you and your firm? READ MORE

Financial Advisors 6/15/2021

What’s Next for My Business: Is This a Trend or a Sea Change?

The pandemic has delivered both crises and opportunities. If you run your own operation or are guiding a larger organization, you are wondering: Ho... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 6/8/2021

Examining the Recent Performance of Growth and Value Stocks

In the name of diversification, you likely include a combination of growth and value stocks when building your client’s portfolios. The ratio, of c... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 6/1/2021

The Many Advantages of Being a Newer Advisor

Younger people often feel at a disadvantage in the financial services business. It’s a business where silver hair implies competence. READ MORE

Video 5/25/2021

Video: Using Emotions as Your Investment Guide Could Cost You

It's no secret that letting emotions guide your investment strategy could be a costly decision. However, it can be hard not to let fear get the bes... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 5/18/2021

How Can You Make the Most of Your “About Me” Page?

You just met a fantastic HNW individual at a networking event, and even better, got their contact information. You are already planning to follow u... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 5/11/2021

10 Ways to Be Politely Persistent

Polite persistence means staying on the prospect’s radar screen without being annoying. This is a longer-term strategy, but it’s employed with many... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 5/4/2021

Financial Advisor Designations: Which Acronym is Best for You?

It’s no secret that the financial world is filled with acronyms. However, it can feel like a secret when you have to decipher each and every meaning. READ MORE