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Sales Development 5/1/2019

7 Strategies to Get Prospects to Commit in Uncertain Times

Whether it's the economy or personal issues making potential clients hesitant to start with you, you can meet them in a compassionate and fiscally ... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 4/30/2019

Should You Pay Advisory Fees on Investments?

When a prospect says someone else might handle an investment for x basis points cheaper, tell them they are not paying an advisory fee for the inve... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 4/24/2019

Disaster Planning for Financial Advisors

Natural disasters can take even the most prepared by surprise. Ben Lee writing for Wealth Advisor discusses strategies you can use to prepare for t... READ MORE

Bryce Sanders 4/24/2019

10 Expressions Every Financial Advisor Should Know

Talking to clients can be the hardest part of any financial advisor's job. Bryce Sanders shares advice on phrases that can make daily interactions ... READ MORE

Government 4/23/2019

712 Words to Explain Modern Monetary Theory (And None of Them Are an Editorial!)

Attempting to embrace the MMT concept forces me to set aside everything I thought I knew, learn something completely different, and stop believing ... READ MORE

Sales Development 4/18/2019

Financial Advisor Assistance: Getting to Know Your Clients with Guided Questions

By focusing on 6 categories of information, it's possible to take an organized approach to information that will help you provide comprehensive ser... READ MORE

Bryce Sanders 4/17/2019

Where Should Clients Retire?

Bryce Sanders compares retirement opportunities in states with low tax rates, good healthcare, low cost of living, and low property tax rates. READ MORE

Self Improvement 4/12/2019

How to Set Measurable Goals for Financial Advisors

By segmenting a lofty ambition into actionable steps, you not only have a better plan of action, but ultimately reduce your stumbling blocks down t... READ MORE

Free Time & Leisure 4/11/2019

A Look Across Generations

While it's easy to become accustomed to a certain age group or demographic in your practice, knowing what to look for when taking on clients out of... READ MORE

Sales Development 4/10/2019

Do Your Friends Really Know What You Do?

Bryce Sanders gives techniques for getting your story out to others, as well as the ways your friends may only know a small fraction of what you do. READ MORE

About Us 4/9/2019

The Fee Fallacy: Why the Human Element Matters

The challenge with the lowest fee model is that it does not matter what fee you charge, someone is likely to come along and find a way of charging ... READ MORE

Government 4/4/2019

The Yield Curve: What is it and How Does it Impact the Market?

What is the yield curve and how can it be an economic indicator? There are several inferences investors may make about the equity market with this ... READ MORE

Self Improvement 4/3/2019

How Social Capital Can Build Economic Capital

Development of networks leads to sustainable business that adds value above other types of business. How can social capital help your business prac... READ MORE

Bryce Sanders 4/2/2019

13 Misconceptions the Public Has About Advisors

Bryce Sanders discusses common perceptions clients may hold about their financial advisors and the potential problems that arise alongside them. READ MORE

Market Opinion 3/28/2019

What Can You Do in a Bear Market?

A bear market is a market down 20% or more. If you're in a bear market or a market that has taken a steep loss, you may wonder what you should do. READ MORE

Sales Development 3/27/2019

What to Do When You Run Out of Prospects

You may know more people than you think, often in obvious yet unexpected ways, and those day-to-day connections can be just what you need to jump s... READ MORE

About Us 3/26/2019

The $519 Million Advantage of Dunham's Institutional Sub-Advisers

Leveraging Dunham’s reach and total assets, your clients can invest with institutional sub-advisers like Allianz, Rothschild, and Arrowstreet for a... READ MORE

Trust 3/20/2019

Avoid Issues for Special Needs Beneficiaries with Special Needs Trusts

If you or your client has loved ones with physical, mental, or behavioral disabilities, a Special Needs Trust may not only be a good fit, but an es... READ MORE

Financial Advisors 3/19/2019

Why the Risk Number is a Critical Tool for Every Investor

Fear of suffering Bear Market losses may have investors locking-in their loss, creating a gap in their net worth that could be missing for a long t... READ MORE

Market Opinion 3/14/2019

Video: What is Dollar Cost Averaging?

If you're seeking an investment method to potentially take advantage of a bear market, Dollar Cost Averaging is one strategy that you can employ. READ MORE