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While there’s no doubt that you’ve equipped yourself with the best tools to be the top financial advisor for your clients, you may not have put much thought into what it takes to market yourself. You could have more financial knowledge than your competition, but it won’t get you very far if you cannot reach new clients.

Financial advisors need to market themselves just like any other consultant, broker, or salesman does. So, are you ready to market yourself? Whether to existing or potential clients, it’s important that you understand what is necessary to market yourself and to put your best foot forward.

3 Financial Advisor Marketing Strategies to Attract New Clients

Consistent and Updated Branding

As much as you may not want to take one, you definitely need a quality headshot. For business cards, for your website, for advertisements - you want people to recognize your face. How do you do that? By having a great and consistent photo on your materials.

Make sure you have that photo in different sizes. Not physically, like 5x7 and 8x10, but digitally through DPI, which means dots per inch. The smaller the number, the smaller the picture will be before it starts to look pixelated and blurry. For web, your photo should have a 72 DPI. For print, however, you need to have at least a 300 DPI.

Another important branding tool is designing a logo. You may want to consider having a few different versions to prepare for future use. You will need a logo with a transparent background to be used on any type of document or advertisement as well as a logo with your signature color as the background.

Just as with your headshot, you’ll need logos of different resolutions if you intend to use it in different places, i.e. the internet and in print. Understanding this will help you be prepared for all kinds of marketing situations

A Great Website

Having a website is your prime space to show off. An easily navigable website will likely be a potential client’s first impression of you, so it is best not to cut corners on this important stage. Not only will having a well-made website serve as a main source of business growth, but it also becomes a home for all your credentials and content.

Creating an online presence will establish trust by sharing your knowledge and experience, humble bragging by displaying your great authentic reviews, and reaching out to a local target market. After all, you want to show to the world that you are the best choice out of all the financial advisors.

Posting relevant content about a subject of expertise can drive lots of traffic to your website, or through social media if you share your posts across your platforms. Creating a blog or podcast to offer insights will show you keep up with the latest topics and news in the financial world to create more credibility for your audience. Dedicating a place for quality content on your website is a great way of communicating to current and future clients.

Dunham’s Financial Advisor Services Menu

Now that you have your essential branding materials and a stellar website ready to go, it’s time to market yourself – not only to prospective clients, but current clients as well. Most advisors get put into a box – “she’s an annuity provider,” “he does IRAs,” etc. Clients don’t know the full breadth of what their advisors offer.

Dunham’s Financial Advisor Services Menu is an easy and effective way to communicate all of your services to your clients and prospects. Although having a niche or specialized area of focus can be a great way to market yourself, you may also want the chance to display all of your available services. Instead of being known as “just my annuity guy,” your client will know that you can also offer help with retirement accounts, trust services, life insurance, mutual funds and a range of other services.

It can also help when it comes to referrals. Your client may not need your help with setting up an Asset Protection Trust, but his brother-in-law might. Now that your client knows you can help with that, he’s more likely to recommend your services.

Contact us today if you are interested in Dunham’s Financial Advisor Services Menu, that can be customized with your personal headshot and logo.

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