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An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) may contain a large portion of assets that you've saved with your children or other loved ones in mind. When leaving your IRA to a non-spousal beneficiary, you want them to receive the funds as you intended.

The problem is that the SECURE Act will force taxation of the IRA when it is passed down to your beneficiary no later than the 10th year after you pass away. The following video, Why You Should Name a Trust as the Beneficiary of Your IRA, looks at how the DTC IRA Trust Trilogy® may provide a solution.

The DTC IRA Trust Trilogy® video series is an entertaining and informative resource to use when explaining the potential benefits of the DTC IRA Trust Trilogy® to your clients. We will continue to release these videos to you over the next five Thursdays. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to stay up to date on the latest Dunham insights.

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Risk Associated with all three trusts in the DTC IRA Trust Trilogy®:

Current tax environments are subject to change at any time and no one can predict with certainty what Congress or the IRS may do.

Dunham Trust Company does not guarantee the investments in the DTC IRA Trust Trilogy® as investments are subject to risk and market fluctuation, including possible loss of principal. Dunham Trust Company does not guarantee that your investment objectives will be achieved.

Fees Associated with all three trusts in the DTC IRA Trust Trilogy®:

To maintain a DTC IRA Trust Trilogy® you may incur fees and expenses. Generally, there are no administrative fees associated with the DTC IRA Special Situations Trust® and DTC IRA  Charitable Trust® until the IRA owner passes, at which point the trust administration fee schedule published at the time will apply.

However, the fees related to the DTC IRA Replacement Trust® will be subject to the published fee schedule at the time the trust is established.

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