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With the coronavirus pandemic canceling most major gatherings for 2020, this likely hindered your ability to obtain CFP CE credit – credit you usually get by attending our annual Dunham Institute, or other industry conferences. Whether you are currently looking for CFP CE credit before your renewal deadline, or would like another avenue for earning CFP CE credit, Dunham is here for you with a solution: the Financial Advisor IQ: Think Tank. FA-IQ Think Tank allows you to earn up to 15 credit hours towards your CFP CE requirement every two years.

How does FA-IQ: Think Tank Work?

You earn CE credits by reading content relating to trust law, and other financial planning subject matter. While reading, FA-IQ Think Tank monitors time spent. Once each document gets read in its entirety, CE credit gets awarded.

Know that each page has a minimum time requirement. Additionally, each document has a maximum available CE credit (varying with the word count).

For each credit hour completed, FA-IQ: Think Tank will provide you with a CE certificate. These certificates are available for download in your FA-IQ Think Tank profile. Additionally, each credit hour earned gets submitted to the CFP Board, alongside your registration details. Credit hours get sent weekly to ensure your credits get applied to your account with the CFP Board promptly.

You can access your account and work on your progress from your phone in “CE Mode.” However, you cannot receive CE credit while offline.

As 2020 comes to a close, don’t let worrying about earning CFP CE credit get in the way of enjoying your holiday season; sign up for FA-IQ Think Tank to earn CE credits today!

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