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Searching for a company to provide mutual fund services can be tough. Large companies can leave financial advisors looking for a more personal touch. Dunham works diligently to provide key differences in service that you may not find at other, larger companies.

We serve financial advisors on a first-name basis. There is no automated call center; only an accessible and accountable service team who know you by name.

Accountability is a big deal to us. Being transparent about what’s happening with your funds, what we could innovate, and owning our responsibility at every step in the process is essential to better results. At Dunham, each employee is uniquely responsible for the results they bring to the firm. They're given all the tools needed to help their Financial Advisors succeed and work hard to end each day proud of their work.

We provide the back-office support and services you need to deepen existing relationships and develop new ones.

We believe that having all the tools necessary to succeed is essential to improved outcomes. That's why the Dunham team is dedicated to giving you the support you need to keep clients satisfied and potentially identify new prospects.

We help you differentiate yourself from the competition by providing the ability to work with Dunham Trust, a trust company that caters specifically to advisers.

Our Dunham Trust Company team is uniquely qualified to help you and your business, should you wish to work with trusts. As far as we know, we are the only trust company built specifically to help Financial Advisors find success.

We hold our sub-advisers accountable to outperform their benchmarks by tying their management fees to fund performance.

Making sure that our fund sub-advisers are accountable to their numbers means they are just as motivated to work towards returns as you would be. If you do well, we do well, and your losses are our losses too.

We offer performance-based advisory fees for investors who qualify.

Dunham offers Financial Advisors and their clients a different way to structure advisory fees* - a program where the investor pays an advisory fee only when the account makes money.

We believe the Performance-Based Fee option creates fairness in the way a financial advisor is compensated. In this arrangement between the financial advisor and their client, the client only pays the advisory fee when their account has a positive return. That means that an advisor charges a fee only when the account makes money. It is another way that Dunham focuses on our core belief of accountability and fairness when it comes to investments.

*SEC requires that this is available only to those that are deemed as “qualified investors”, a term determined by the SEC as investors with a net worth of $2.1 million or more, exclusive of their home or if they have $1 million or more of advisory assets with the financial advisor. This program is not available at all broker/dealers and RIAs.