Firm Overview

In 1985, Jeffrey Dunham founded Dunham with the uncommon idea that fees paid by clients should be tied, in some way, to the performance of the investments they own. Today, Dunham and Dunham Trust have grown to become a multi-billion dollar firm, but we are still driven by the values of fairness and accountability that Jeffrey envisioned more than three decades ago.

  Dunham Timeline

1985 Jeffrey Dunham begins Dunham
1988 First Asset Allocation Program created
1995 Dunham passes $100 million Assets Under Management (“AUM”)
1999 Dunham Trust Company opens in Nevada
2004 Dunham Funds launch
2007 Dunham and Dunham Trust pass $1 billion AUM/Assets Under Administration (“AUA”)
2008 Dunham acquires Kelmoore Strategy Funds
2009 Dunham Trust acquires Adagio Trust Company
2014 Dunham and Dunham Trust pass $2 billion AUM/AUA
2015 Dunham Trust acquires Provident Trust Group’s personal trust assets
2015 Dunham Trust acquires Cache Bank & Trust’s trust assets
2019 Dunham Trust acquires Guardianship Services of Nevada, Inc.
2020 Dunham Trust acquires Professional Estate Administrators, LLC
2021 Dunham and Dunham Trust pass $3 billion AUM/AUA
2022 Dunham and Dunham Trust pass $4 billion AUM/AUA
2022 Dunham launches Insured Deposit Marketplace (“IDM”): $50M of FDIC insurance cash deposit account – attracting $480M
2023 Dunham launches Dunham Easy Access Loan (“DEAL”) – offering 65% Line of Credit for clients
2023 Dunham moves to New Headquarters in San Diego
2023 Dunham Trust announces Wyoming Private Trust